Friday, April 21, 2023 - 9:00am to 10:00am

Power Friday--your weekly NAWBO Greater Philadelphia connection to education and networking!

Nourishing Yourself and Your Business

Presented by Annmarie Cantrell, Cucina Verde

What does it really mean to be nourished? It is not all about the food we take in. It is about our relationships, our passions, our drive, our commitments. While we may start out in business with drive and passion, many of us can become easily burned out. How do we become re-inspired to create what we are here to create in the world?

Annmarie will touch on the philosophies of ancient healing traditions like Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda to inspire participants to look at their lives and business through a different lens and provide simple tools to fully nourish both.

Meet the presenter:

Annmarie Cantrell is a healing foods chef and educator who became interested in food and healing when allopathic medicine offered no solutions to chronic health conditions she was experiencing. She has been on this journey since 1996 and began helping others on their journeys in 2001. Sustainability in the food system is a passion of Annmarie's and she works with local food producers and farmers, but throughout these last 22 years as a solopreneur, Annmarie has learned that sustainability and nourishment encompasses more than just food. She will be presenting on what she has learned in order to stay nourished and thrive in her business.

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