Friday, June 19, 2020 - 9:00am to 10:30am

The Doylestown Power Friday is held on the 3rd Friday of the month.

In place of our in-person gatherings each Friday, we will be hosting our Power Friday meetings online.  Our members and our community of women business owners need support in challenging times, and we hope that by converting these in-person meetings to online meetings, we can continue to provide the networking opportunities, education and support that our community needs while we practice social distancing.  Part of NAWBO’s mission is to create innovative and effective change in business culture.  We are practicing what we preach in our organization by actively seeking out opportunities to innovate and continue to serve our members, in spite of the ever-changing news around us.  

Topic: THAT... was a Great Question!

A truly great question is extraordinarily powerful.

Think about the last time someone asked you a question that stopped you in your tracks. How did this experience make you feel? The pause you experienced was powerful because in that moment, the question carried the power of transformation. This is the beauty of a well-crafted and precisely focused question. It has the power to ignite deep reflection, unearth the solution to a difficult problem, penetrate through the noise that erodes relationships, spark innovation, and awaken a change in perspective that can convert despair into hope, helplessness into empowerment, and shame into pride.  

In this presentation, Adina Tovell will introduce you to the art and science of asking Productively Curious Questions (PCQ's). While we all ask questions every day, not all questions are of equal quality. Questions without a clear purpose are like throwing darts blindfolded; you never know where they will land and who or what they might damage. However, asking PCQs, combined with skillful listening and mindful action can transform any situation.

As a gift, everyone attending with receive 3-2-1 Go! Three PCQs to launch each day with alignment, balance, and focus. 

Speaker: Adina B. (Laver) Tovell

Adina B. (Laver) Tovell, MBA, M.Ed., is a certified professional coach, chief curiosity officer of Courage to be Curious, LLC. Adina is the host of the podcast Wonder Your Way to Brilliant, now entering its fourth year of syndication, and creator of the Live Lead & Love with the Courage to be Curious card decks ( Her fascination lies with how people and systems make positive and productive change. During her 25+ years as an educator, non-profit executive, instructional designer, and leadership development coach, Adina came to understand that people and systems will continue doing what they have always done unless propelled by a powerful force to change directions. The most powerful, positive and productive 'force' she has discovered for driving this change is Productive Curiosity. Courage to be Curious provides development programs for companies that align teams, develop leaders, and strengthen organizations by teaching the skills and cultivating the disposition of productive curiosity.


Alle Bechtel and Carol Berger


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