Are you a woman business owner who wants to grow your business? 

Have you tried everything you can think of to increase your revenue?

Have you continued to make the same profit year after year and wonder how you can get over the hump? 

If these statements sound like you, don’t delay, sign up for the Semi-Circle today! 

The Semi-Circle is a program that has been designed to help women business owners overcome growth challenges.  The program consists of activities designed to teach you different ways to grow your business and increase your profitability. 

As part of this program, you will participate in a year-long mastermind, monthly podcast and quarterly dinner meetings.   You will also be matched with a mentor who will help you grow your business and provide you with some great advice, business best practices and contacts to assist you on your journey of business growth. 

If you would like to be one of the members of the Semi-Circle and learn the secrets to successful growth and increased revenue, sign up today!  There are only 12 spots available for this program so don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to be a part of the inaugural program which begins in January.  The cost is only $399 (if you register before November 1, 2019. The registration fee increases to $459 after November 1), but the benefits are priceless.  Once your payment is received, you will be contacted by the program director and receive a program binder with all of the dates of the events.

The program will work if you work it. The sky is the limit to where your business can go!

Please note that the Semi-Circle Program is open only to NAWBO members.  Not a member yet? Join today!

If you have additional questions about the program, contact Tina Reger at

Introducing the Semi-Circle Alumni Program:

If you loved the Semi-Circle and wish to enroll for a second year, you have two options.

  1. Get all the benefits again!  Gain valuable insight from the mastermind, learn from million dollar business owners through the podcasts, and network at the quarterly dinners, register for the Semi-Circle as an alumni today!  You can choose to stay with your mentor (if they are agreeable), or learn from another expert by getting a new mentor. 
  1. Alumni Program members are also eligible to participate in just one component of the first year program -- either the Mastermind or the Mentor.  If you choose this option, register for the alumni program and we will contact you to see how you want to continue your success.

Don’t lose the opportunity to continue to reach new successes in your business with the power of NAWBO.


What Are People Saying About the Semi-Circle Program?

Participating in the Semi-Circle program not only benefited my business, but helped me to grow on a personal level. Having deeper interactions with other women business owners was so impactful. Having access to a mentor who guided me in focusing on what is important for me and for my business was invaluable. I highly recommend this program to business owners who are ready to take their business to the next level.

- Erin Lievens, Managing Partner, HeadRoom, LLC


I have enjoyed working with my mentee because my comments were taken in high regard. My mentee raised the bar for me as well. I am enjoying the opportunity to learn about her vision and hopefully my honest conversation with her has provided food for thought. It has been fun being on her "vision team."

- Julia Brufke Wenger, Partner, Bala Financial Group, Inc