Wednesday, April 29, 2020 - 8:00am to 2:00pm

NAWBO Philadelphia Leadership Conference 2020:
Your Time is Now to Be a Disruptor

At a time when women are starting and growing their businesses at a faster pace than ever, the 2020 NAWBO Greater Philadelphia Leadership Conference shines a spotlight on WBO’s who are disrupting their industries. Disruptors challenge current business habits and work to find positive alternatives, ultimately changing how we think about and do business. They bring innovation to existing markets, industries and technologies.

This Leadership Conference will use presentations and workshops to inspire, educate, and connect WBO’s. Spring is traditionally a time to renew and refresh—take a step beyond those traditional aspirations to explore your own opportunities to be a disruptor. “Your Time is Now to Be a Disruptor” just may be the key to your growth for the rest of 2020 and beyond.


“Business as Agent of Social Change”

Breakfast Keynote Speaker: Kristin Keen
Founder & CEO of Rethreaded

Kristin Keen comes to us from Jacksonville, Florida where she runs a “social enterprise that Renews Hope, Reignites Dreams and Releases potential for survivors of human trafficking.” Rethreaded is grounded in the belief that “given the chance women will reclaim their lives.” The means for making change happen is an upcycling company (saving substantial amounts from land fills), making gifts and selling them; including “Gifts of Hope,” a corporate gift program.

Having come from the experience of co-founding a successful business to provide a safe haven for women in the sex-trade in India, Keen worked in partnership with the City Rescue Mission of Jacksonville to help women learn skills throughout the business operation such as production, inventory, sales, marketing and finance/administration.

Kristen realized that for these women having a new life meant they needed a new job. The story of her journey as a disruptor, to make new jobs and provide the additional support needed to facilitate women making a transition from one life to a better one, is what Kristin Keen will share with us.

“Your Time is Now to Be a Disruptor”

Lunch Keynote Speaker: Morgan Berman
Founder and CEO of MilkCrate

This Philadelphia-based entrepreneur has made a name for herself recognized throughout her local community, nationally and even internationally. Calling herself an “Impact Technologist” she has acted on her sense of social responsibility to build a company that creates customized apps “for clients as diverse as non-profits serving low income children all the way to the biggest companies helping their employees find wellbeing and balance.” Berman’s product is designed for engagement of the client’s target population in a way that is trackable and provides rewards as the users move through the app or platform.

In doing this she is building on a growing trend, especially demonstrated in assessments of what is important to millennials: the “opportunity to make a difference in society is the #1 factor in choosing a new job.”

The impetus behind her vision and leadership, the way she has made that vision come alive and continue to evolve, and the confluence of the way her company lives its values and helps others do the same mark her as a disruptor. This is the story Morgan Berman will be sharing with us.




In addition to networking opportunities and educational addresses, conference attendees will enjoy a variety of breakout sessions designed to provide practical ways to implement strategies learned in the larger group sessions. These intimate, hands-on sessions will help attendees learn how to change and think about how we do business.

Workshop Session 1 (Choose 1):

Turning Trash into Treasure

Presented by Rebecca Davies, Remark Glass

Remark Glass has taken what’s old and made it new in more than one way. At the core of the business is its desire to be sustainable and to that end it has evolved the age-old process of glass blowing into an energy efficient, zero-waste certified business. Using locally sourced recycled glass and building on collaborations with its Philadelphia neighborhood businesses, Remark makes new one-at-a-time hand-crafted glass pieces to be treasured in daily life. Rebecca Davies from Remark will talk about the lessons learned in growing sustainability and challenge our businesses to think small and collaborate as they grow sustainable practices.


No One Size Fits All

Presented by Carlee Myers, The Stress Less Company

Do you wish you could have that feeling of energy and excitement you used to wake up with as a kid? You could be dealing with adult-sized stress—the kind that comes from the myriad of responsibilities in your life. You may feel like you’ve tried everything to manage your stress only to find yourself overwhelmed yet again.

Carlee has a unique approach to coaching that has helped many people across the country take action to reduce stress. Her belief is there’s no one-size-fits-it-all, but she will teach you what you need to learn to find more joy in life by managing stress and stepping away from the feeling of being overwhelmed.


The Power Pause

Presented by Mindie Barnett, MB and Associates Public Relations

It takes intention and effort to be a disruptor. Take a time-out to hear how Mindie Barnett’s 5-Prong Steps to Success will give you the power to make the pivot to a new way of thinking. Reflect on innovation, how to look at your business model and compare it to trends in the marketplace so you can soar past your competition. Find out what role Comfort, Complacency and Cushion play in keeping you stuck. Learn why the “pause” can make all the difference and Mindie’s secret method to success.


Workshop Session 2 (Choose 1):

Doing ‘Well by Doing ‘Good’

Alle Bechtel, Calculating Destiny, LLC

Looking to break the bounds of perception of your industry? Consider for a moment the accounting industry—perceived to be rigid, with over-worked and under-appreciated staff, long lists of incomprehensible jargon. Who better than an accountant who is shaking up the long-standing norms of her industry to help you address yours?

Alle is embracing the evolution of society and is inspired by it to change her industry. She will share ways to remain human--within your company, with your clients and community--in the age of technology through awareness and actions, ultimately accomplishing more regardless of your industry.


F.I.T. Model of Success

Presented by Adrean Turner, Turner Coaching Training and Consulting, LLC

According to a November 2019 article in Forbes, closing the entrepreneurial gender gap could increase the global economy by $5 trillion. Advocating and promoting women in business and leadership has social advantages in addition to financial benefits. To that end, support starts with a mindset shift which debunks common myths and perceptions that negatively impact the advancement of women in business. Adrean will review the F.I.T. Model of Success (Fearless, Inspired, Transformation), used by more than 8,000 individuals, to disrupt traditional limiting beliefs and provides strategies that help build a community of engagement, mental muscle and enhances opportunities for women. With “GIRL Power” - GRIT, INFLUENCE, REBELLION and LEADERSHIP women succeed!


Embracing Your Dark Side and Your Evil Twin

Presented by Lisa Kohn, Chatsworth Consulting Group

You know that part of you that scares you (or you detest) and work very hard to hide from public view? Consider this radical idea--embracing, even thanking, that side of you could be among the most freeing moments in your life. Your dark side most likely has your best interests at heart, and most likely thinks it’s protecting you from danger. Understanding this and learning to use its strengths to move you, your work, and your leadership forward, limits its potential to get in your way and increases your potential to soar. Join Lisa as we learn why – and how – to embrace your dark side part and harness its power for your best outcome.



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