Monday, April 29, 2019 - 8:00am to 2:00pm

The NAWBO Greater Philadelphia 2019 Leadership Conference will consist of networking, panels, and breakout sessions all focused on creating the balance of building your business while still blooming personally! This will be a day of enrichment, learning and growth for women in business who are looking to take their business to next level without sacrificing their personal development and growth.


“Is There A Better Way?”

Breakfast Keynote Speaker: Kimmi Wernli
Owner and CEO of Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter Company

When asked what is an essential building block to growing your business, Kimmi always seems to respond with the importance of the right people asking the right questions and having the courage to listen and act. In this presentation Kimmi shares a collection of stories and personal experiences that have shaped the multi-generational leadership of the Crazy Richard's Peanut Butter Company and the courage she has gained to continually ask the question - Is There A Better Way? Through relevant and thoughtful story-telling, Kimmi hopes that the women of NAWBO Philadelphia can all benefit from the history, candor, courage and inspiration to help our companies Build and Bloom.

“Build and Bloom”

Lunch Keynote Speaker: Donna Allie, Ph.D.
President and CEO of Team Clean, Inc.

Donna will provide inspirational remarks around the preparation, skill set and mindset needed to “Build and Bloom” a successful business enterprise. Her remarks will cover her thirty five years of personal business experience and will reflect key NAWBO principles for growth including strengthening your wealth creating capacity, creating innovative and effective change in business, building strategic alliances and transforming public policy.



In addition to networking opportunities and educational addresses, conference attendees will enjoy a variety of workshops designed to provide practical ways to implement strategies learned in the larger group sessions. These intimate, hands-on sessions will help attendees ‘walk the talk’ immediately.

Workshop Session 1 (10:20AM – 11:05AM) - Choose 1:

Planning and Planting Your Seeds for Growth

Presented by Lynette Phillips, SEKond to None Coaching and Human Relations Consulting

Are you a business owner that has not had a day off in over a year? Well, start planning for a break today! This break out session will provide you with 3 action steps you can take today to plan for time in your business so you can work take time to plan for growth in your business.


Money, Women and Power: The Psychology of Money

Presented by Antoinette Rehak, Morgan Stanley

Wealth is a complex concept, and your personal relationship with money may be complicated. In many families, money is a taboo topic. Talk of money may bring up a range of complicated feelings – anxiety, embarrassment, guilt, envy, insecurity or even shame. It may also call into question what money means to you, and your understanding of its significance may be intertwined with deeply held perceptions about love, control, independence, accomplishment, identity, self-esteem and self-worth. Relating to money is just as important as relating to the people you care about. It requires time and effort to understand its implications and to find the proper place for it in your life. Money management habits tend to fit into five financial personality categories. Spenders believe money is meant for spending. Sometimes they spend more money than they should, or live above their means because they get caught up in the moment or see something they absolutely have to have. Savers love to get a good deal. Often, savers are less focused on material possessions.


Powerful Programs Panel: Growing Your Business with NAWBO



Maria Baseggio, Chair of the Governing Body, AthenaPowerLink

Angela Megasko, NAWBO President Elect + Membership Co-Chair

Christina Reger, NAWBO Vice President + Membership Co-Chair, Semi Circle Chair


Not sure which NAWBO program is best for you and your business? This is the session for you. Power Programs: Growing Your Business with NAWBO will provide an inside look on some of NAWBO’s most popular programs and how they can provide the support you need to take your business to the next level.


Workshop Session 2 (11:15AM – 12:00PM) - Choose 1:

Is Your Magic Your Focus?

Presented by Laura Burford, LAD Enterprizes

Whether you are starting a business or expanding one, your clarity of vision is important but there is another key ingredient that if not properly defined and implemented hinders your progress. That ingredient is your Focus. Focus impacts everything you do-your relationships with clients and employees, messaging and service offering, and delivery of your products and services.

“Is Your Magic Your Focus?” discusses focus, the key building block that answers the “why” and “what” questions so important to your clients and employees. Clarity of focus and the ability to articulate your focus are key for success.

This presentation discusses the key components for defining and refining your focus, the impact of focus on all aspects of your business, and the importance of communicating focus to employees as well as clients. Walk away with at least one idea that you can implement immediately in your business.


Surrender Your Way to Success: How the Practice of Surrendering Enables You to Bloom, with Ease and Flow, Into Your Highest Potential

Presented by Marla McDermott, The Walnut Club

Surrendering is about letting go of the need to control and to allow divine guidance to come through in your life. Surrendering allows you can achieve more by doing less. And it helps you get out of your own way. Because what the universe has in store for you is far greater than what you can ever plan for yourself. Specifically, you will learn how the practice of Surrender can help you “build & bloom” beyond your wildest dreams with grace and ease, in two areas: Your Earning Potential and Goal Setting.


Ignite Your Confidence + Visibility for Lasting Impressions

Presented by Danielle Mercurio, Danielle Mercurio Consulting

This session explores how you can stand out in the crowd and uncover different approaches to feeling expressed in a way that is authentic, compelling, and memorable. Attendees will learn how to boost their natural confidence, shed limiting beliefs around being a leader and expert, and how to leverage their personal strengths for long-term effects. Discover tools to release social anxiety when talking in a group or a one on one setting. You’ll identify key ways to be more candid in conversations and listen more intently. You'll also realize how to stop second guessing what you want to say and be ready to voice what you do in a way that doesn’t feel like a rehearsed elevator pitch or staged conversation. Walk away with the ability to be more present and engaging in networking and business events as well as embody amplified levels of self-assurance.



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Early-Bird Registration - through March 31, 2019

  • Members/Alliances: $95
  • Non-member: $110

Regular Registration - begins April 1, 2019

  • Members/Alliances: $115
  • Non-member: $130



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